Male Pelvic Model now available!

I am pleased to announce that you can now purchase the Male Pelvic Model.  Just like the Female Pelvic Model, it is fully laminated and can be folded into a 3D model.  It is a great way to learn the differences between the male and female pelvic floor.  You can also improve your palpation skills using this model.  The male pelvic floor is more narrow and structures are closer together than in the female pelvis.  Don't forget how useful it is to use these models as visual aids in a clinical setting.  Patients really appreciate visualizing their pelvic floor!

I also have an option to buy both the Female and Male Pelvic Models as a bundle to save some money - always appreciated I'm sure!

I hope you enjoy these models, they have served me well over the years as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist.

Keep looking at the site, I will be adding more anatomical pictures in the future for you to purchase and use in powerpoint presentations or in clinical practice.