Female Urogenital Triangle

Female Urogenital Triangle

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NEW! Download a digital version of Marie-Josée Forget's medical illustration. Products can be used for brochures/handouts, PowerPoint presentations and website. 

Licensing Agreement for Marie-Josée Forget's artwork, Total Pelvic Health

Upon payment fo Marie-Josée Forget's artwork, Total Pelvic Health, I agree to the following term:

  • The following credit must appear with any of Marie-Josée Forget's artwork that you use: "Marie-Josée Forget, medical illustration used with permission of Total Pelvic Health. All rights reserved."
  • For web-based credit, please use the following HTML: "Marie-Josée Forget medical illustration used with permission of www.totalpelvichealth.ca. All rights reserved."
  • It is NOT permitted to make changes, modifications, or alterations to the artwork itself, including the removal of Marie-Josée Forget's signature.
  • The images can be used on PowerPoint presentations, in printed materials such as brochures/handouts and websites with the appropriate credit not above. Any other use will need to be approved before use and requests can be emailed to: mj@totalpelvichealth.ca